Dear miss borrower ,

A Letter of Supplication
Hello miss borrower,you are my friend and I’m very much aware of that fact,but I wasn’t aware that everything I had could be used by you whenever you wanted. Today you borrowed my new shoe, I still wonder why since  you have a fine collection of shoes too. Yesterday it was my pink cardigan, you borrowed it to make your outfit more stylish but it was already in the laundry basket since I had worn it yesterday due to the cold yet you pleaded and whined, it was dirty I insisted and  couldn’t give it to you; I experienced a small victory over my cardigan.
I have always wondered if it was just me you pestered, but that’s not the report I hear going around. You wore that girl’s jeans on Wednesday without her knowledge, you collected the other guy’s wrist watch, and borrowed the dog’s plate for Thursday.
Should I mention the weavon you took the other day,and acted like it was yours whereas you own nothing,you only wish you owned something.

You are full of smiles and politeness  at all times  because that’s the only way you get around to borrowing. You make them comfortable and relaxed, with their guards down; then suddenly you ask with such low sweet voice, nobody can say no. You have a radiant open personality but you use it for the wrong reasons.
We are humans and we understand that everyone needs help sometimes from others, but your constant need of help have become a cause for alarm. You have become a pest, a constant pest. And everyone is thinking of ways to get rid of you without hurting your emotions.
We care about you a lot,we know your worth as a friend, you are loving, kind and caring but you have to learn to be content with what you have, because you are sapping others of nutrients and no one can see your good qualities anymore. We just wish to get rid of you real fast.

If you don’t have money to change your hair every two weeks then don’t, no one is competing with you, and  the right people would still love you if you wore your old brown shoes. But If you continuously showcase what you are not in the name of packaging then trust me when I say you are attracting the wrong people to yourself.
You call it packaging,you are packaging with borrowed property bah? Even the red lipstick is not yours,I’m not saying it’s a crime to use someone’s property but apply dignity,don’t make it a constant habit especially when what you have borrowed is not a necessity. Borrow with dignity! Return what you have borrowed in good condition,don’t personalize it since it is not your personal property neither is it your family’s property, don’t wait until the owner comes knocking on your door before you return it, don’t make the owner regret lending it to you.

You want to borrow someone’s big bust,another’s tiny waist,another’s height,another’s complexion, another’s hips. But you have all these and more,yet you are not satisfied with your own, “your own no dey belle full you?”. You also want to borrow someone’s brain, even their phonetics pronunciation, na wa sha.

Packaging is when you utilize whatever you have and by so doing deliberately send a picture or message to others. The key word been “what you have”. It doesn’t matter if the impression you have created  is true or not at the moment but it can become real. Packaging is a potential impression that can become reality. Packaging is allowed but let your packaging gear belong to you,don’t borrow another’s gear.
You also borrow her underwears. Is she your sister? And even if she were your sister don’t you think borrowing an underwear is a little extreme,even if it’s just bra or whatever it was. Now that is dirty and unsafe. You can borrow shoe, dress, make up, phone etc but please do not borrow underwears. Even if it is second hand, buy yours.

You might be offended because of this letter and I understand that the truth hurts but please advise yourself. Cultivate the habit of been content with your own properties,else you would never be satisfied. Another man’s property would  always appeal to you,even though it might not be worth half of what you have.
Peace unto you,
Sincerely your concerned friend.