It seems like yesterday when I almost became a murderess, I could still picture his lovely smile before he metamorphosed into the monster I wanted to kill. He was the nicest guy I knew, now I doubt if any man could be nice, he said making me happy brought him joy and my smile made him content.

I met Christian on my way back from the mall, it was late at night and the road to home was dark and lonely. I quickened my footstep when I heard a car horning behind me, I refused looking behind but the horning persisted as the car glided beside me, the occupant of the car begged to drop me off, he didn’t think it was safe for a girl to be walking alone at night. I didn’t trust him neither did I trust the darkness surrounding me, so I choose the lesser evil, him.
He was the perfect gentleman and drove me safely back home, he asked for my contact which I willingly gave him. I thanked him for his help and kindness when he dropped me off.

Months later we had become close friends, we chatted and spoke to each other frequently. We planned excitedly for our first date. I was really excited about him, he was the first guy I had allowed myself get close to after my ex. He insisted all he wanted was to be my friend and that he thought me sweet and well mannered.

We decided to go to the movies, he loved my favorite flavor of ice cream and fancied action thrillers like I did. He told me more about himself, he was married and had a son. He said he didn’t love his wife anymore and marriage does that to people, I didn’t understand how one could stop loving their spouse especially after been married.

On our way home, he insisted he wanted to show me something important at his place, I told him he could show me some other time since it was already late and I was exhausted from tonight’s date. He claimed it was important and I would like it, that got me curious and I agreed to his pleas. There was no power and he put on the generator, he offered me a seat close to him, I declined and sat in the settee. He said I was beautiful and he couldn’t take his eyes off me all through our date. He came closer to me and placed his hands on my knees, I was becoming uncomfortable and couldn’t understand why he was acting this way. I told him we had agreed to become just friends, he laughed at me his face became contorted and mean, he called me a naive child and told me to stop been a wicked tease. He told me I had been sending him the green light all night and the only reason we came to his place was to have sex.

I panicked and told him I wanted to leave, he said I wasn’t leaving until he got what I promised, I shouted at him that I hadn’t promised anything, when had smiles and niceness become a sex signal? I took my bag and ran to the door, he pulled me back by my hair and slapped me twice on my face calling me a stupid c**t. I used my bag to hit him but it was useless, he laughed menacingly and forced the bag out of my grip. He pulled off his belt and continuously used it to hit me, I let out screams of pains and pleas but the sound of the generator drowned out my cries. I became weak and continued writhing on the floor from the pain, he carefully raised me to the settee and laid on me after pulling his shirt off. I was too weak to continue struggling, he smiled calling me a good girl, and he promised I was going to like it.

At that moment there was nothing I hated more than his smile, he had metamorphosed into a monster before my eyes. He brought his face down to mine, he wanted a kiss but I wasn’t going to allow him such intimacy even if it killed me, I moved my face away from his and then I saw my escape, a scissors lying on the table. He was busy with my neck, fondling my breast and didn’t notice my hands trying to get to the scissors. I seized the opportunity, using all my might I grabbed the scissors and blindly attacked his neck, I was fueled with blind rage and didn’t stop until he jumped off me screaming profanities and curses at me. I grabbed my bag and made for the door never turning back, the chilly wind of the night hit my face with force as I stumbled out of the house and into the street.

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