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Hello beautiful people, it’s another Tuesday and of course College Fashion day, I hope you all are as excited as I am. This week College Fashion brings to you the fresh and dapper style of a young, vibrant and fashion loving student of Caleb University. Ikoghene Lawole popularly known as “the official Ik” is a model, singer, fashion blogger and a 200L student of business administration at the aforementioned university.IMG_20160520_104330_055

He describes his style as simple and believes life is too short for ugly clothes, he aims at relating with his fan base and people around him.

The point he says is to wear clothes people he inspires can relate to and easily get; he shops from Jumia Fashion, Zack Styling, DEMIL, KunbiWorks, Humarnia and several other Nigerian brands.

He abides by the principle of humility, and is grateful for the positive impact of fashion in his life and career; he has gotten nine awards so far from various prestigious organizations like Campus Heat, African Youth Choice Awards, Screen Awards, etc.

He has also been given recognition by top brands like Jumia, Farouz, Guardian Newspapers etc.

He is friendly, simple, modest, playful, a lover of food and his photos are always with the most interesting captions; he has a huge fan base and is married to all his female followers on Instagram lol.

He is absolutely crazy about shoes and also loves a good suit; his most embarrassing moments are whenever he is late at any job, he stands by punctuality.IMG_20160520_103423_247 He loves a good YouTube tutorial any day and hope you try some too to achieve better fashion results, but he advises that you use your creativity and personal taste to produce a fresh and suitable style.IMG_20160520_103530_947

He hopes to become a huge music artiste and a world class model, he also plans on starting his own foundation to help the needy and the underprivileged sometime in the future.IMG_20160520_103156_065

IMG_20160520_104251_567Follow him on Instagram for more of his style @officialik. You should also visit his website and fashion blog for more dose of his style greatness:  Photo credit: Instagram @officialik, @metrogypsie.