I’m the one,
You call me the side chick.
I’m the one who never got a date,
The one you claim your body quivers for,
The one who sends you the nudes,
I’m still not your bae, you say,
Why should we be seen in public, you ask.
Sometimes you call me your bestie,
“Nah, there’s nothing to us” you tell your bros.

I’m the one,
The one who gets to delete the chat,
The one who shouldn’t touch your phone,
The one who dares not question your updates,
The one you try to hook up with your bad guys.

I’m the one,
The one whose body is at your disposal,
My body for your pleasure,
But my pleasure ignored.
The one who never got gifts,
Yet you seek my opinion for her gifts.

I’m the one,
The one whom you never budget for,
The one not worthy of meeting the family,
The one burdened with the responsibility of aborting what we both created,
The one who is our child’s one and only.
The one who invested everything to build your dreams,
Yet I never got invited to the celebration party.

You never said you loved me neither did you say you loved her,
In my heart, you were my heart;
But in your heart, I didn’t  exist.
I’m the one you fooled,
But a fool can be wise.
I’m the one, the only one;
Someone’s one, not your side chick.


  1. Olivia, beautiful name and I’d say you got a very beautiful brain.
    I’ll like to experiment on it to see the wonders
    Just keep doing it I think I’m seeing a real novel in the making