I’ve been really sick for several days now, and my mum the over caring person that she is decided that we should visit her pastor before I went back to school; I tried convincing her that it wasn’t a spiritual problem but just maybe something a visit to the hospital would solve but she insisted that I got sick frequently which wasn’t normal and I must be under constant spiritual attack.
She insisted that her new pastor could handle the issue; we got to the church and I was surprised at the state of the building. The church was uncompleted but it had a huge cross in front of it, maybe it was there as a confirmation that this was really the house of God, there was also a huge banner tied on either side of a pole, the words “VICTORIOUS MARSHALS”  were boldly written on it, I guess that was the name of the church. The church was filled with white  plastic chairs, we sat on a chair while a light skinned young man of about 24 years approached us, I noticed the disparity in his skin tone and was shocked at the realisation that he must be bleaching; he was skinny and tall, he wore a blue shirt tucked into black trousers, “mummy grace, you are welcome” he said to my mother “let me inform big daddy about your arrival” he walked back into the room he came from.
I turned to my mother “how long have you been attending this church?” I asked her, “For like three months now, he is a powerful man of God” she replied.
I was surprised at my mother’s assertion of the man, I wasn’t going to judge until I met him though, but I still believed the hospital would have been a better place. We were still seated quietly waiting for the man of God, when the door to the room swung opened, the man who came to us earlier was closely following behind another man; I knew instantly he must be the pastor, he walked with such confidence and there was just something about him I didn’t understand. My mother stood up immediately while dragging me up with her,  she bent her knees slightly  in a greeting position and he patted her back “Good afternoon, daddy” she said, “you’re welcome my daughter, this must be Grace?” he asked and my mother nodded in response, he turned to me and said “Welcome my daughter” I mumbled a “thank you sir” in return. I wasn’t comfortable with how they were all looking at me, like there was something wrong with me.
He asked my mum if she had gotten the items, my mum nodded, opened her bag and brought out a very long rope and  a razor blade; my mum didn’t tell me about any items and I stared at her with a confused look, she rubbed my arms in reassurance.
The pastor took the items from my mum and asked me to kneel in front of the alter, I obeyed him. They started singing praise songs, after about 10 minutes, they immediately veered into prayers, while praying the man of God and his assistant took the rope and tied me with it, he said I was bond spiritually, so the Lord has ordered him to bond me physically, I couldn’t protest because my mum looked so worried and agitated, I decided to let them do whatever they wanted if that would soothe her fears. He started pouring his anointing oil all over me and was praying seriously. The floor was cold and I could feel my limbs getting stiff, I have been tied on the floor for over an hour now, my body had began to ache, the pastor stopped the prayers and he started using the razor blade to  cut the rope “Yes she is free” he kept on repeating; when he was done, I immediately stood up, I was glad the agony was over.
I was about to sit on a chair when he shouted “Stop, right there”  with a loud terrifying voice, I turned to face him “Who are you?” he asked, I was confused “Who are you?” he repeated. I said “Grace”, he screamed and picked up his Bible came towards me and placed his hands on my forehead, he started speaking in tongues and pushing my forehead, I am tired and weak and someone is pushing my forehead does he want me to fall, I asked myself. I pinned my legs firmly to the ground and he became furious, “The power is in the forehead” he said to my mum, he used his big Bible and hit me on my forehead twice gbom gbom , my head wanted to explode, I could feel my eyes spinning, I touched my forehead and was surprised I wasn’t bleeding, I felt tears run down my eyes, my legs were shaking, I didn’t eat this morning at home, I bent down with my hands on my knees, he shouted “Who are you?” I kept mute my head was aching. He pulled me up and hit my forehead with the Bible again gbom gbom, I collapsed on the floor and started crying loudly, “Yes the Lord has done it” he shouted, “Madam your daughter is free” he said to my mum.  I cried like a baby, my eyes ached and my head was on fire, I would kill my mom the next time she suggested anything as stupid as this. I closed my eyes and allowed the darkness take over.