Dear Kwis,

Choosing to love you has been a decision I would never regret.

Accepting you as you are, has taught me a lot about myself.

Nurturing and grooming you has added values into my life, I’ve learned to be patient and creative.


They look at you in wonder,

They feel you and shrink back in fear,

“You are thick and strong”, they say;

“Isn’t every true royal, thick and strong?” I ask.

Only the brave hearted works with you.


You are a proud crown; you do not bend for the faint.

Yet in humility, you camouflage your true strength,

You metamorphose into anything you want.

And they marvel at your versatility.

Oh! My beautiful ebony strands.

I call you Kwis for thou art royalty.


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  1. I like the name kwis, I haven’t thought of what I would call mine, am just hoping I will be patient enough to let it grow out. I am currently having flashes where I am in a barbering saloon taking it all off again.

    • HI,I am an egg plant grower too. I have tried hand pollinating my plant using a paint brush. I will like to ask if it is normal to not see any pollen on the paint brush after several brigsunh.Thank You.