So you are single and not ready to date, but is that enough reason to take a celibacy pact? I have asked myself this question several times for the past few weeks and I have not arrived at an easy answer. This decision wouldn’t be so hard if you are a fan of engaging in sex because you feel an urge; and sometimes constant random sex switches on “the slut mode” (I’d tell you about this later).

I’d probably advise you choose celibacy but being celibate as a single woman isn’t easy, the temptation of sex suddenly doubles in hundred folds, it’s like there is a big sign on your forehead that reads “I’m available, let’s have sex”; and offers come from everywhere, starting from the ex who wants back in, to the “potential boyfriend”( the term given to a guy who is on the waiting list, a guy you haven’t agreed to date yet but has a chance of becoming your boyfriend)but having sex with either isn’t a good idea because getting back with your ex for sex is a no no and starting a new relationship with sex might not be the best idea.

It wouldn’t be fair if you say yes to potential boyfriend just because you want to have sex with him or you can decide to subscribe to those relationships that are tagged “free” where couples can come and go as they like but that might not be the best arrangement, because someone always catches feelings in this kind of relationship, so when you want commitment the other party might not be interested; and so the palaver happens; to be celibate or “wild” (the meaning here varies according to your perception of what being wild constitutes.)

Although my dear friend and fellow blogger Aminatawa thinks this shouldn’t be such a hard decision to make and she gave her reasons on a blog post which you can read . I’d love your opinion and advise, as a single lady would you choose celibacy? And if you already on the path of celibacy please teach us how you do it or if you are on the “wild” path, can we also get an insight on how that’s going for you? I would also love to hear your experiences on the celibate or wild path.

Thanks and God bless, and do not forget to keep a date with “Single Woman Palaver” next week Wednesday.

Kisses and hugs.