Happy new month my beautiful olives, I am very happy because another edition of black blush is here. This month’s edition is showcasing the works of a beautiful and extremely talented artist Brionya James. I hope you enjoy this and expect more in the September edition. Read the interview below:
Screenshot_2016-07-24-15-36-49Where are you from?
-Austin, Tx
 Describe your painting style in few words. Do you consider it simple, feminine etc.
-My pieces consist of realism and imagination that is expressed through vibrant hues.
I would consider my style versatile, just all depending on how I feel at that moment.
 What does art mean to you?
-Art is the visual expression of ones life, emotions, and being.Screenshot_2016-07-24-15-53-14
What inspires your paintings?
-This is a very generalized question, its honestly too complex to just answer with one explanation.
to sum it up , Life itself inspires my paintings.
Screenshot_2016-07-05-20-19-32For how long have you been drawing?
– I’ve been drawing since I was little, yet I pursued painting in high school while taking AP art classes.
Did your family support you, when you decided to pursue a career in painting?
– This was a hard decision to share with my loved ones, especially my father as well as being the only child. its as though they looked forward to me finishing college and being confined to corporate job but I couldn’t hold back on my passion and my own happiness.
Screenshot_2016-07-24-15-39-24As an entrepreneur, what challenges did you face when you decided to use your talent as a means of creating wealth for yourself?
– I don’t necessarily face challenges but daily pressure to complete a piece hoping that someone will appreciate it as much as I do.
What principles or beliefs do you live by that have helped you become who you are today?
-I live by the word of God. the truth has molded me into the young lady that I am today and I cant wait to see what else he has in store for me.
What’s your favorite quote?
-“My art will live longer than I will”
Do you have any passions other than painting?
– I like to video edit and web design
Screenshot_2016-07-24-15-38-27What do you do for fun or how do you relax?
– when taking a break from my projects, I end up running a couple of miles or sunbathing by the pool. it tends to clear my mind from everything.
You are on natural hair, how has your natural hair journey been like, any tips you’d like to share with your fellow naturalists?
– I love to embrace thy curls lol. our natural hair is our crown so why not acknowledge it. who else could manipulate their curl pattern , throw some essential oils , conditioner , water and call it a day? only sisters of rich melanin 🙂
my hair is pretty thick so id recommend taking vitamin e, hot oil and egg yoke treatments.

Screenshot_2016-07-24-15-37-23How do you feel knowing that your work makes a lot of people happy?
– I think this is truly a blessing. it feels good to hear how my work speaks to another person or how its affected them in a positive way.
I’ve had individuals share such stories on how I’ve inspired them to create art again or to even consider taking art more serious.
I know its not me but God using me to shine light on his glory and let others know where my gift comes from.
Have you ever turned down a job and why?
– I have turned down a couple of requests due to the simple fact that it doesn’t represent my purpose or what my work stands for. I want the message to always be enlightenment, relevant and a chemistry that others can connect to.
Screenshot_2016-07-24-15-45-46I have seen your paintings of the #choosenones,  can you elaborate more on what you aim to achieve with that collection.
-“This series #ChosenOnes will consist of enlightened individuals that expose the truth and express positive vibes.
The X represents the dispraise of money , for it has no power. Acknowledge wealth not greed.
Don’t fall in love with something that’s on to the next.
Make money don’t let it make you. #SEEforYOURSELF
Any more exciting collections  to expect from you in the future?
– yes indeed, I rather keep it a surprise for you all <3
One advise to upcoming artists.
– To all my fellow creatives, never give up. period. If Art is where your heart is at , make your dreams your reality. it is possible. Nothing good ever comes easy but know that it will pay off at the end. When you know your worth and your purpose , it will show in your work and those who see it too will definitely support it. Never let anyone talk you down or try to water down your passion. It takes nourishing and growth until you blossom so stay patient and continue to feed your passion.Screenshot_2016-07-24-15-40-46
You can visit her website to purchase her art here or visit her Instagram page to view more of her work @brionyajames
Photo credit: Instagram @brionyajames