Welcome to another trilling episode of Single Woman Palaver, I am so excited about this week’s discussion; we are talking about fine boys and whether or not they are dangerous especially as potential boyfriends. Do not be a stranger, join the conversation by airing your opinions in the comment section and head over to Amiantawa’s blog (link is in comment section) to read her view on this issue.

The idea of if fine boys are dangerous or not is relative and circumstantial; you can’t out rightly condemn or judge someone based on their appearance since the container isn’t always a true judge of the quality of the wine contained, so the issue is do you go ahead and have a taste of this wine because of its attractive and well packaged bottle?

Advising from experience and my limited knowledge of fine boys (since I’ve not dated all fine boys on earth) I’d say you pause and make sure he’s not a demon disguised as an angel because things are not always as they seem.

Firstly people differ and so do personalities, and I’m not sure anyone who is seriously searching for a partner makes physical beauty a priority, I personally think good character and compatibility should prevail over physical appearance in a potential partner; but if you don’t have the grace to date a “not-so-fine” man then go ahead and do what pleases you.

Secondly a lot of people think fine boys are dangerous womanizers which is sometimes true; like every vain quality beauty most times results to pride and when a man is proud he’d break millions of hearts before he admits to any wrong. In his head he is attractive enough to get any woman, so why should he work so hard to keep you? He might also feel that he is doing you a favor by dating you so don’t you dare make shakara else he would be out of your life; but a “not-so-fine” man might not act like this, he might treat you like an egg or not, again I say depending on the individual, you can’t generalize on issues like this.

Thirdly dating a fine boy means you have to put up with a lot of things, your boyfriend might have female fans who also want him (you are not the only one that loves better things) which means you have to learn to control your jealousy but if you can’t cope with your co-wives (lol) then you probably need a rethink before you say yes because almost all the fine boys I know have plenty wives, they’re husbands to all and none (lol).

Do not forget to click on the link in the comment section to read Aminatawa’s opinion on this topic and I’d also love to know your opinion on this issue so please leave a comment, let me know if you think fine boys are dangerous or not. God bless you and keep a date with my blog next week Wednesday for more yummy discussions only on “Single Woman Palaver”.



  1. Well for me I think they are a lil bit dangerous. Every girl would love 2 be seen around with a fine boy but ‘their wahala too much ‘. To say d truth I wouldn’t want 2 date a so fine boy, he should just be average. Moderation is the key.