That awkward moment when potential boyfriend decides he wants to be single because he can’t afford a relationship. In his words relationships are expensive and he can’t foot the bills. He insist that girls are extravagant and 50% of a relationship’s success is based on finance. Should I even be worried that he sees me as extravagant or maybe his last relationship messed him up? But do you think he is right when he says money is important for the success of any relationship? I also want to hear the opinion of the male folks, have you ever considered your financial state before asking a lady out and for the girls have you ever considered a guy’s financial strength before saying yes???
Personally I think that financial stability is very important in every relationship,In the society today men are more financially empowered than women so it’s assumed that men should provide, and carry more financial responsibility in a relationship; I’m not saying the guy automatically becomes an atm but he should be able to provide financial support whenever necessary. I’m very sure if it was the reverse then women would provide in relationships, I have seen were girls pay school fees for their boyfriends and help them with other financial needs. In other words I think the guy should be financially adequate before getting into a relationship,since the responsibility of providing might rest on his shoulders. What do you think??? Comment your thoughts below and don’t forget to visit amanitawa’s blog for her opinion on this week’s topic by clicking the link in the comment section.
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  1. Personally I agree with both you and aminatawa, I feel its important for a man to be financially stable or at least he should be on his way to financial stability… Any guy that considers starting a relationship with me as extravagant will have to move along, I don’t have time for such stuff…. And he should have worked through the garbage from his former relationship before coming to me or any other girl…..

  2. I am financially stable, I can take care of myself as I am like this but I won’t even consider dating a broke guy. I won’t even look at him twice. Some people may say am materialistic but that one concern them.. Some people want to hit me up with that nonsense of stand by your man even if he is broke cause he will get rich in the future.. Lol. As far as am concerned, now is the future.. At this my age, If he has not gotten well established by now, then …..