A poem to the boy from yesterday

I saw you from across the hallway
Eyes covered in dark shades
Face hidden by unruly beards
You smiled at me and I instantly beamed
Then I knew I wanted you.

Chastise my heart I did,
I quoted every proverb for its safety,
Then you spoke,
And my womb throbbed in response
And my lips quivered for yours.

Oh, how you marvelled at the softness of my skin
So Sheba arose from within,
The seductress in a quest for her lover
I put my lips on yours and drank from the nectar of your soul,
Your face lost in between my honeycomb,
And nourished like a baby from the rosy essence of my arch zenith.

Once a stranger from yesterday,
Now my lover, forever I pray.
Olivia Sose