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On today’s episode of Single Woman Palaver we’d be talking about finance and debts. The Palaver here is whether or not as a single lady it is appropriate to demand for a debt from your ex, or do you let it go with the relationship?
Personally I think the solution to this issue is dependent on the circumstances surrounding it, there are lots of factors to consider before taking a decision and I’d list out some of the factors below:
1. The way the relationship ended; if the relationship ended mutually and with a light tone, there’s a probability that you might decide to let go of the debt irrespective of the amount involved. On the other hand, if the relationship ended on a sour note, you might want to hurt the person and let bitterness take control, then you would demand they pay you in full and you wouldn’t care how they feel about it.
2. The amount of money involved; this is another important factor that might be considered, and this depends on the individual’s perspective and resources. I mean that it depends on what the individual feel is too much to let go of, to some people 50k might be a big deal and there’s no way they would let such amount go unpaid while to another 1m is nothing and they won’t bother their ex for a refund. So it depends on the individual.
3. Lingering feelings; some people might still have feelings for their ex’s irrespective of how they broke up and they hope that the relationship might be patched up, so they’d probably forget the money because they are still in love and hopefully that might put them in the good book, I dunno lol.
I would love to read your opinions, would you demand your ex pays up and please tell us why but if you won’t also tell us why. And don’t forget to click on the link in my comment to read Aminatawa’s opinion on this issue, trust her to have healthy and sound advise for the singles in the house. Keep it a date with Aminatawa and I same time next week. Cheers!


  1. Personally for me, a loan is a loan!! Oga you just have to pay back no two ways about that. If I mistakenly leave that money for you and then we break up, if you were caught cheating or anyone of those annoying shit guys do then you must pay!!! But if we just drift apart, may consider leaving the money, if it is very very small…..