I was going through my twitter feeds some time back and I stumbled across @SimplyOloni tweets, advertising her new sex toy “HERGASM”(bullet shaped, small but powerful) and a lot of people were ordering, even a girl from Dubai anonymously bought and I retweeted the link for purchasing because her customers can be on my time line lol. A lot of girls were encouraging their boyfriends to get for them and some girls also asked their female friends to get one for them for their birthdays and stuffs like that and surprisingly 40% of people who purchased the sex toy were men. The reality is most of these girls and guys don’t live in Nigeria.
A friend saw my re-tweet and jokinly asked if she could get me an HERGASM sex toy and I almost died of laughter, imagine the horror of my mom finding out I have a sex toy, the first person I thought of was my mom and I don’t even know why, the woman would swear that I have joined bad gang or just imagine me asking my typical Nigerian boyfriend to buy me a sex toy, he would flee for his life and my wife material would have reduced by 100 yards, na two yards go remain lol.
The idea of masturbation seems like a foreign “sin” in naija, I remember when I was 13 years old and I was watching a movie with my aunt and elder cousins, I remember that movie vividly because of what happened that day, although I’ve forgotten the title of the movie but the star actors were John Dumelo and Jackie Appia; they were married couples and one day Jackie caught John maturbating in the bathroom, you know how naija movies are na, they just showed him in the bathroom moving his hands up and down and the next thing the wife came into the bathroom, screamed and ran out, so everybody was like ah ah what happened and I said “he was masturbating”, if you see the way everybody in the sitting room focused on me that day and my aunt was like “what is masturbation?” I wasn’t embarrassed by the question because I didn’t understand then that sex was a taboo topic especially when with elderly ones, I just didn’t know how to explain to her, immediately my elder cousin said “it is nothing oh” but I knew I had said something wrong, the place oozed of awkwardness.
Now that I’m quite older, I wonder why you would want to divorce your husband or wife because he/she masturbates, what is wrong with Nigerian/Ghanaian movies sef. But I can’t totally blame them because they are recreating exactly what they see in society, it is even considered a worse scenery when a woman is the carrier of the action, but why are Nigerians so shocked about this act, is it that masturbation carries more “sin” weight than fornication and adultery or what is it sef? Isn’t masturbation a better option than cheating and what not?
Anyways I feel like the sex toys might not sell in Nigerian market because of our way of reasoning and the fact that we throw stones when we don’t understand another’s way of life or it might sell sef, who knows; Nigerians have been breaking societal norms for a long time now and this might just follow.


  1. ?????? I have died. I guess as a child I have always known the awkwardness of discussing sex with older people. I don’t know why maybe I quick open eye… Lol.
    Anyways on the topic. Nigerians are the greatest hypocrites I have known frowning on things like masturbation, homosexuality, divorce etc. This things thrive in our society we are only to proud to accept them. Besides we like to play God. There is no such thing as a lesser or a greater sin. Leave people to their vices and let God be the judge but no here, we are God. It is really sad.