Happy Wednesday olives and welcome to another episode of Single Woman Palaver with Aminatawa and I, today she asked a question(click the link in the comment section to read) and here is my personal opinion and answer to the question.
Firstly I would like to say that I agree with Aminatawa that there is certain pressure subconsciously mounted on a single woman, to run into a relationship whenever she’s in an environment filled with lovey dovey couples, especially being single amongst friends makes one feel vulnerable and one might begin thinking of seeking the “refuge” of a relationship.
You might not be jealous of what your friends have but if they constantly rub their relationships on your face, you might begin to miss been in a relationship and having someone to connect with in such an intimate way. Loneliness kicks in; although I strongly stand by the fact that one shouldn’t rush into any relationship because of loneliness but I also know that such feelings lead to emotional instability which might cloud one’s judgement and lead to bad decisions.
Now to the question Aminatawa asked, I think this happens to every single lady it doesn’t really matter how long one has been single, one could still feel lonely and crave for a relationship. I think it’s even worst with the newly single ladies because the memories are fresh and there might still be unquenched emotions and they probably haven’t moved on yet. Yes, I think every single lady feels lonely sometimes but it is still not an excuse to rush into a relationship, you would definitely rush out lol. You should commit to a relationship for the right reasons, loneliness is a fleeting emotion that would pass away after a while, don’t because of a temporary emotion make a permanent decision. You’d end up regretting it in the end. So my advise is to wait until you know it is right.
I hope this answers all the questions, and of course you can also contribute by commenting below, I would love to hear your personal opinion and advise on this issue, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to send me an email, until next time Olives. Keep a date with I and Aminatawa on Single Woman Palaver. Love you all, XoXo.
Olivia Sose.


  1. Hey, I have a situation of hardly falling for someone, yes I see a pretty girl and like her…buh that’s just it, love is not my thing, I ponder on falling inlove buh the problem is i don’t knw how to love, don’t get me wrong have date girls in the past, buh not Because I like them, buh Becos of peer pressure to prove myself…. So right now I am a cross road I don’t knw weather to keep waiting for the girl dat will make me head over hills for her, or to find a gal and try to fall inlove with her????