Happy Wednesday olives and welcome to another episode of Single Woman Palaver; on this episode I’d be talking about the stereotyped assumption of some men about single women. Maybe they know you’ve been single for some while and suddenly you are being labeled with the potential side chick tag. I don’t understand how the value of a woman depreciates based on her relationship status, it’s assumed that since you don’t have a man beside you then you must be a bitter easy fuck, who would agree to just everyone with a dick. So you become a target for fuck boys.

There are different types of fuck boys you’d bump into as a single woman, these fuck boys are the only ones who would see the “side chick tag” you bear; they wear bigoted glasses and can never be broadminded.

The first group are what I call the “Nadir Fuck Boys” this ones are young, single and new to the fuck boy game. They probably must have gotten their hearts broken by the love of their life in high school and so they’ve decided all girls should pay for their pain. Being a fuck boy is just a defense mechanism because underneath this armour lies a softie who would fall in love again eventually lol.

The second group is what I call the median fuck boys, they are in committed relationships but just feel the need to keep a girl besides their girlfriend. This ones are natural born flirt who have the stray tendency. Never hope this one would change and fall in love with you, remember he only sees you as side chick material. I don’t even know how their girlfriends cope, probably to him she’s also a side chick.

Then there is the “Zenith Fuck Boys” this is the married men group who are looking for “Egusi soup” since their wives have become “Okro soup” and a man can’t eat the same soup for the rest of his life na. Here you are a single woman already branded a mistress material, if you say no they’d tell you to stop forming. Some wives know about this extra marital affairs and have given up on them for the sake of their sanity lol.
All these are group of fuck boys you should avoid and make it clear you don’t intend to be the side chick. I would like to know if you’ve had an encounter with any of these groups, comment your thoughts below and don’t forget to visit Aminatawa’s blog for her opinion on this episode’s topic.


  1. I can so relate to the different groups of fuck boys lol. Some of us ladies have put up with a lot of them in the past.
    great post dear


  2. This is so spot on! And please, my dear sisters, say no to side-chickism. We’re so much better than that! As for you fuck boys, judgement awaits y’all.

  3. Lol, I love this. I’ve met the Zenith Fuck Boys. Their favourite line is my wife does not take care of me and as a man I would be frank with you, I need love you alone can go.

  4. At first I didn’t think fuck boys were real but they really are. Some are fuck boys without even knowing they are.. those ones need serious help.
    Pls under what class of fuckboys would you put a guy like this: he claims to be single with absolutely no female living thing in his life, then you go to his house and see not one, not two but more than three female body sprays lying around and when you ask, he tells you he just happens to like female scents. chai! Oga! only you 3+ female body sprays plus your male scents??? Clap for yourself. Mstcheww