In today’s society child abuse is no longer news but somehow this crime is instantly associated with females, exempting the male child from this painful reality. Being males doesn’t exclude them from this horror even though statistically sexual abuse in females is higher than the males. The fact is that a lot of male children have been sexually abused by an aunt, house maids, female caregivers and even other adult males. The abuse might go unnoticed by several parents because they are usually so busy protecting their female children whereas leaving their male children vulnerable to sexual predators.

There are several ignorant myths associated with sexual abuse related to males, the most common being that the male child enjoyed the abuse and shouldn’t be considered a victim. This statement is very wrong because there are proven physical, sexual and psychological effect of abuse on male children. The effects may not be the same on every child but they are usually harmful; below are some common effects:

  1. Painful erection.
  2. Fear of sex after the abuse.
  3. Fascination with pornographic materials.
  4. Promiscuity
  5. Distrust for the female gender (this might lead to hatred depending on the level of abuse).

These are few common effects; you can also put down some other effects you might know on the comment section and visit here for elaborate information about this, thank you.


  1. I have been waiting to read this since I saw the link. Anyways it is true that no one ever believes that the male gender are also victims of child abuse and a lot of psycolohical issues affects such victims after the abuse.
    It is rarely talked about because female are generally considered to be weak so they are the only ones who can be abused sexually. Which is of course a misconception.