Good day my beautiful Olives and welcome to another episode of Single Woman Palaver; I apologize for last week’s absence which was due to circumstances beyond our control, we are back with a bomber topic this week. If you haven’t been following up on our other episodes, you can search on the blog for previous episodes, read and enjoy.

This week’s topic is on the single woman and her insecurities; insecurity here means the state of being subject to vulnerability. Everyone has insecurities about one thing or another, it could be your physical features, habits, background etc. but we are focusing on the single woman’s vulnerability.  Being single for a while could awaken certain insecurities about oneself, there are lots of them like Aminatawa has clearly stated in her blog post but I’m writing on how this insecurities could be dealt with. Here are some tips below:

  1. Love yourself: this point can never be over emphasized; I know you have heard it several times but truly this is the first step to overcoming your insecurities. To love yourself means to understand that you are worthy of being loved, and to place the right value on yourself irrespective of other’s opinion or value of you. If you love yourself you’d always know when you are been treated wrongly and you’d stand on the right that you deserve better.
  2. Forgive yourself: this is a very important route to self love, a lot of us are so hard on ourselves because of past mistakes and began to believe that we deserve to be treated like trash, I’m sorry for whatever damage your past relationship might have had on you but you are loveable. The moment you forgive yourself, you’d stop accepting to be treated like trash and you’d begin to act like the valuable person you are.
  3. Remain positive: in this journey of singlehood, you need the fuel of positivism. As a single person self doubt and insecurities would creep in but if you remain positive there won’t be room for negativity. You’d be a bubbly, vibrant and colorful single woman, such positive energy is sure to attract the right partner.

Having insecurities doesn’t necessarily mean you do not love yourself enough, it’s normal but you need to sweep it out with positivism. Bless you.

Till next time, Olivia Sose.